The FSPHP 30th Anniversary Conference: 
Leading the Way in Physician Health

Guest Speakers

Osama Abulseoud, MD
Associate Research Physician at the National Institute on Drug Abuse Imaging
Imaging Biomarkers for Addiction Treatment Outcome Study

Neal Browne
Expert Media Coach, Agency 33
Preparing FSPHP and PHPs for Visibility

Ruchi Mishra Fitzgerald, MD
Addiction Medicine Fellow & Family Physician, Rush University
Special Guest Speaker at the Saturday Night Social at Sea World
"Rewrite the Stars": How PHPs Enhance Recovery and Foster Resiliency

Andrew Laing
Partner, Agency 33
Preparing FSPHP and PHPs for Visibility

Keith Humphreys, PhD
Esther Ting Memorial Professor at Stanford University
Multiple Pathways to Recovery with Mutual Help Groups 

Michael Milligan
Restoring the Art of Medicine – The Power of Physician Wellness

"Side Effects" - A Play Written & Performed by Michael Milligan

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