Advocacy for Members

The FSPHP Mission is to support physician health programs in improving the health of medical professionals, thereby contributing to quality patient care.

In 1990, the FSPHP was organized to assist physician health programs to work together to promote best practices, and influence policy. In March 2015 FSPHP celebrated 25 years of advocacy and physician health developments highlighted in Physician Health News Message from the President

FSPHP continues to:

  • Achieve national and international recognition as a supporter of state physician health programs.
  • Promote early identification, treatment, documentation, and monitoring of ongoing recovery of physicians prior to the illness impacting the care rendered to patients.
  • Pursue consistent standards, language, and definitions among state physician health programs.
  • Maintain and develop an organizational structure that will help achieve its vision and mission.

FSPHP Advocacy Achievements & Collaborations

American Medical Association (AMA)

As you may know, FSPHP has a seat at the AMA meetings in an “observer status.”  Dr. Luis Sanchez served in this role in past years.  Currently, our past president Dr. Warren Pendergast continues in this role attending AMA meetings on behalf of our FSPHP.

The AMA has developed online resources that focus on physician-wellness, burnout and resilience.   They are well-conceived, user friendly and offer real examples of practices and institutional examples of promoting wellness, burnout prevention and improving physician resilience.  

The AMA has developed online resources that focus on physician-wellness, burnout and resilience.   They are well-conceived, user friendly and offer real examples of practices and institutional examples of promoting wellness, burnout prevention and improving physician resilience. 

The International Conference on Physician Health is in Boston in 2016. The call for abstracts is now open through February 2016. 

The AMA is updating 1985 model legislation impacting physician health based on a resolution that passed at the AMA this year. 

World Medical Association Statement on Physician Wellbeing:  The FSPHP collaborated with the AMA and the World Medical Association on a document contributing to physician health.  

Task Force for the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS)

In 2013-2014, FSPHP had a series of meetings with representatives of the ABMS to encourage their member organizations to embrace a treatment oriented approach towards physicians who wish to maintain and/or regain their board certification(s). A guideline for acceptance of standard compliance information from a PHP for these applicants was created.

Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB)

In 2005 FSPHP and FSMB coordinated the first joint educational session paving the way for the development of a mutually respectful and interdependent relationship.  FSPHP continues dialogue with the FSMB along with our successful Joint Session at the Annual Meetings. Currently the FSPHP President has participated in the FSMB Committee on Ethics.  This committee is very invested in burnout prevention, and has great respect for the work of physician health programs.

Taskforce for the Promotion of Accountability, Consistency and Excellence

The Task Force for the Promotion of Accountability, Consistency and Excellence has developed a report to submit to the members at the 2016 Annual Meeting. Their important work will further FSPHP and PHP’s with a method to consider for measuring our PHP’s progress with FSPHP guidelines. 

New Member Support

FSPHP members have always been generous and supportive to developing and new professional health programs.  As new members are introduced to our e-group, colleagues reach out.  FSPHP has strong collegial support to our mission this way.

New Membership Application (123SignUp) and New FSPHP Website

Throughout 2014, with the guidance of the FSPHP Website Task Force and Publication Committee, the FSPHP entered into an agreement with 123SignUp.  This is a complete software solution that will provide automated member management and event registration.  

FSPHP E-Groups

An extraordinarily valuable tool for our members is the FSPHP e-groups, providing a user friendly capability to share information among our members. We now have 2 e-groups.

FSPHP e-groups are a forum for discussion of issues, problems, ideas, or concerns, relevant to State Physician Health Programs.  Membership to the e-groups is only open to Federation members. Please review important guidelines for the use of the e-group.

fsphpmembers [at] yahoogroups.comfsphpmembers [at] An information exchange venue for all FSPHP Membership Categories.  This includes State, Associate, Honorary, International, Individual and Organizational members of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs, Inc.

statePHP [at] A group limited to the following membership categories - State, Associate, Honorary and International categories.

New Strategic Goals for 2016 and Beyond

FSPHP has defined three goals for the FSPHP Board to further refine and approve.  The focuses of these goals are to

  • Increase Accountability, Consistency and Excellence for PHPs
  • Increase Education, Communication and Research in Physician Health 
  • Develop additional Funding Resources for FSPHP.   

Administrators in Medicine

 In the fall of 2015, the FSPHP President was invited to speak at their regional meeting.  

FSPHP Committees

A current list of all FSPHP committee’s purpose and current members is available. If you would like to join the work of an FSPHP committee, please email your interest to jrobarge [at] (Julie Robarge). The process to join a committee involves approval of the FSPHP Board of Directors.  At our annual business meeting, a form is available to sign up to express interest to join a committee as well.  You can also obtain a copy of this form from the FSPHP website. If you are omitted from a committee listing in error, please let us know right away.