How Treatment Centers Working with PHP Participants
Can Get Involved

Treatment Providers are invited to help spread the news of this important study. There are several IRB approved methods for sharing information.

You can use this IRB approved Script for verbal presentation of the study information at in-person group meetings, and share this IRB approved STUDY FLYER with your patients by:

  • Hanging in common areas
  • Posting in meeting areas
  • Distributing in Orientation Packets

You may also use (copy and paste) the IRB approved script to send via mass distribution to patients using electronic communication methods.

Contact Betty Jo Salmeron, M.D. at 443-740-2651 or [email protected] if you have any questions about the study or the approved methods for sharing study information with your patients.


Study FAQs and Guidelines for Appropriate Dissemination of Study Information

Release of Information and other Study Requirements:

As part of the study, with the participant’s signed informed consent, the research team will request limited information from patient records, including:

  • Initial Evaluation/Intake/H&P, including (as applicable):
    • physical examination
    • laboratory testing
    • neurocognitive testing
  • Discharge or Transfer Summary
  • Drug Testing Results
  • Medication Record

Recognizing that state and federal confidentiality law protect these records, NIDA understands your facility’s own consent form may also be required. This information is not subject to any re-disclosure other than for the purposes of this study. Please inform your treatment center staff to expect such requests, and to contact Dr. Salmeron to discuss any questions.

In order to complete study activities, individuals may need specific accommodations from the treatment center. If requested, we appreciate your assistance in providing them access to the following (as needed, depending on their status):

  • Assistance printing consent forms and returning them to NIDA
  • Opportunities to communicate with the research team and to schedule study activities
  • Temporary use of a private office/room with a computer/device with secure internet connection for:
    • 2 video conference-based research sessions, totaling about 4 hours (can be split into additional sessions if needed) – evenings and Saturdays available
    • completion of an online self-administered assessment battery (takes approximately 2-4 hours)— available any time
  • Approval to travel to the NIDA Baltimore campus for the imaging study visit, which requires an overnight stay (if participant is eligible for the imaging arm of the study)