Drum roll, please!
Congratulations and Much Appreciation to the FSPHP’s Rally by Region 2022 Winner!


We are thrilled to announce the results of the 2022 FSPHP Rally by Region, raising a total of $15,543! You may recall, each region was encouraged to independently raise $3,000. The Central , Northeast, and Western Regions surpassed this goal, while the Southeast Region followed closely behind. We are extremely appreciative of your support and could not do our important work without your commitment to our mission. The totals for each region are provided below.

Northeast Region: $3,745
Southeast Region: $2,600
Central Region: $3,450
Western Region: $5,748

In 2021, The FSPHP launched, the RALLY BY REGION. Each region is encouraged to rally together with a goal of raising donations from both members and non-members. Contributions from the RALLY BY REGION are applied towards FSPHP's annual fundraising goal of $50,000! We began tracking donations starting July 1 through December 31 and we acknowledge the region when the goal is met. You may make a donation on line by clicking here*.

This support ensures that FSPHP remains the trusted national voice for addressing issues that affect physician health and patient safety. Additionally, your contributions will allow FSPHP to continue the implementation of new initiatives, uphold an environment of subject matter experts, sharing and networking, and establishing best practices to assist PHPs in their quest to protect the public.

To those who donated, we thank you wholeheartedly for your invaluable support! We could not do our important work without you!