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Confidentiality: FSPHP supports confidential and compassionate care for all people, including physicians with addictive, psychiatric or other illnesses. FSPHP advocates for the privacy and confidentiality of a physician’s health and treatment history, including participation in a Physician Health Program (PHP). When confidentiality is endorsed by PHPs and Regulatory Agencies, physicians are more likely to seek timely treatment and utilize PHP services, which will reduce the likelihood of illness progression to functional impairment.

Impairment: FSPHP recognizes that addiction, psychiatric disorders and other medical conditions can be potentially impairing, however, “impairment” is a functional classification. Professionals diagnosed with these conditions may or may not demonstrate “impairment.” See detailed Physician Illness vs. Impairment Position Statement.

Discrimination based on illness: FSPHP recognizes that restriction of medical licensure or membership exclusion from professional organizations should be based on just cause only, not solely the presence of a particular diagnosis. FSPHP strongly opposes discrimination of physicians during licensing, credentialing, or at any time, based on a history of addictive, psychiatric, or other illness.

Appropriate evaluation and treatment: FSPHP supports evaluation and treatment of physicians suffering from addictive, psychiatric or other potentially impairing conditions when approved by the State Physician Health Program. Appropriate evaluation and treatment of these physicians will ultimately protect the patient and restore the health of the provider.

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Wed, 12/14/2016
Position Statement

The purpose of this Act is to enhance the protection of the public by providing for a successful means of confidential and professional support of physicians and other health care professionals who have a potentially impairing substance use disorder, mental health condition, or other medical disease that may adversely affect the physician’s or other health care professional’s ability to safely
and effectively treat patients.