Study Investigators, Coordinators, and Collaborators

National Institute on Drug Abuse: 

Elliot Stein, PhD: Chief, Neuroimaging Research Branch (NRB) at NIDA and Principal Investigator for this study. Dr. Stein founded the NIDA Neuroimaging Branch in 2002 during the rapid expansion of new neuroimaging techniques that began in the late 20th century, including MRI based tools (e.g., fMRI, MR spectroscopy, functional connectivity, DTI).

Betty Jo Salmeron, MD: Dr. Salmeron is a staff clinician (psychiatrist) at NIDA, NRB and serves as the Lead Associate Investigator and Medical Advisory Investigator for this study. She is the initial point of contact for potential participants and the primary contact for PHP and Treatment Center Directors for study related communication. She will directly oversee all aspects of the study.

Kim Slater, M.Ed., NCC: is the primary research coordinator for this protocol. She will assist with operational logistics and related concerns (e.g., study coordination, recruitment materials, medical/research records, etc.) as well as regulatory matters (IRB submissions/correspondence, document maintenance, etc.). She may also run study sessions.


Federation of State Physician Health Programs:

Paul H. Earley, MD, DFASAM, FSPHP Past-President and FSPHP Research Committee

Chris Bundy, MD, MPH, FASAM, FSPHP President

Lisa Merlo, PhD, MPE, Co-Chair of FSPHP Research Committee

Karen Miotto, MD, Co-chair of FSPHP Research Committee

Dianne Gay, FSPHP Research Committee

Linda Bresnahan, MS, FSPHP Executive Director