Clinical Care Advocate - Illinois Professionals Health Program, LLC


The Illinois Professionals Health Program, LLC is dedicated to promoting and improving the health and well being of medical professionals and other high accountability persons in safety sensitive positions with the goals of maintaining patient/public safety and quality care and providing the best possible opportunity for the recovery of the professional. Recovery refers primarily to behavioral health and disruptive behavior issues that adversely affect the workplace.

The Clinical Care Advocate is a direct clinical behavioral health service position responsible for providing consultation, information and referral, Screening Evaluations, long-term case management, and educational presentations for healthcare professionals, other high accountability persons in safety sensitive positions, and other designated groups. Service provision also includes identification, management and co-ordination of services. This includes all types of behavioral health concerns with a particular focus on substance use disorders.

Clinical Care Advocates have the opportunity to be involved in education, health promotion and prevention activities through public speaking to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare and high accountability professionals around issues related to risk recognition, and management for personal health.


  • Perform preliminary intake assessment and consultation for callers consisting of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals, medical administration, EAP’s, professional colleagues, and others with a concern about a healthcare professional
  • Take calls from distressed health professionals seeking help. Provide referral for assessment and treatment services, legal advocacy and other assistance.
  • Provide consultation and guidance for medical/hospital administration and/or human resources, physicians and other health professionals, and others concerned about the behavior of a health professional, including at-risk behavior related to suicide, violence, substance abuse and or a serious mental illness
  • Provide case management service for health professionals and other IPHP participants tailored to meet individual clinical needs and occupational environment; prepare and execute IPHP Agreements for enrollment of participants; (Core case management function from both clinical and administrative perspectives, as distinguished from a direct treatment role in providing services to program participants).
  • Ensure all clinical monitoring reports, toxicology monitoring results and other health data are received on a timely basis for assigned cases and follow up on any delayed or missing reports; interpret submitted monitoring data from a clinical perspective, directing concerns to the attention of the Medical Director and clinical staff
  • Prepare regular progress reports and other advocacy reports for designated participants as required by orders/contracts or as requested by participant
  • Maintain relationships with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and the Board of Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine and other boards as needed
  • Maintain relationships with peer support organizations and individuals
  • Continuously update knowledge of mutual help groups/systems
  • Continuously update knowledge of clinical services throughout Illinois as well as specialty services outside of Illinois
  • Provide support to IPHP through outreach and educational activities — primarily public speaking or availability at seminars to describe IPHP and provide education as requested regarding issues affecting professionals (e.g., substance use disorders, burnout, malpractice litigation, stress, etc.) to hospital medical staff, residency programs, EAP’s, professional schools, and others


  1. Illinois licensed mental health professional (LCSW, LCPC, Ph.D., APN, etc., or eligible for advanced licensure within 2 years) with credentials and/or extensive experience providing assessments and/or treatment for substance use disorders
  2. 3- 5 years’ experience in an applicable clinical setting


Position requires advanced knowledge of substance abuse and psychiatric disorders from a clinical and case management perspective


  • In-depth clinical and service knowledge required to assist program clients in accessing appropriate and matched services. Ability to respond to serious mental health issues of health professionals and provide advocacy where required.
  • Ability to analyze complex information; The Clinical Care Advocate must be able to deal with complex addiction and psychiatric problems and is required to gather and interpret clinical data
  • Coordination and optimum utilization of services/resources.
  • Excellent diagnostic and assessment skills and therapeutic counseling strategies
  • Exceptional professionalism and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Skilled in using Microsoft Office software and ability to clearly and succinctly document clinical information via electronic record
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and maintain consistency and composure while evaluating difficult or confrontational situations
  • Commitment to ongoing personal and professional growth
  • Demonstration of self-awareness and social maturity
  • Behave ethically, non-judgmentally, and competently

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