State Programs

All state member Physician Health Programs (PHPs) are listed below. To qualify, state member programs must have compensated staff and/or a compensated Medical Director, and/or a voluntary committee chairperson/staff member. All state programs must also have the support of organized medicine in their state. 

Alabama Alabama Professionals Health Program (334) 954-2596 [email protected]
Alaska Physician Health Committee of Alaska  907-561-9644 [email protected]
Arizona Community Bridges, Inc. Professionals Medical Monitoring Program (480) 990-3111 [email protected]
[email protected]
Arizona Gateway Recovery Institute (480) 981-2405 [email protected]
Arkansas Arkansas Medical Foundation  (501) 224-9911 [email protected]
[email protected]
Colorado Colorado Physician Health Program (800) 927-0122 [email protected]
Connecticut HAVEN: Health Assistance interVention Education Network for Connecticut Health Professionals (860) 828-3175 [email protected]
District of Columbia Medical Society of the District of Columbia Physician Health Program (256) 673-2747 [email protected]
Florida Professional Resource Network (PRN) (800) 888-8776 [email protected]
Georgia Georgia Professionals Health Program (678) 825-3764 [email protected]
Hawaii Pu'ulu Lapa'au: The Hawaii Program for Healthcare Professionals (808) 593-7444 [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Idaho Physician Recovery Network (208) 323-9555 [email protected]
Illinois Illinois Professionals Health Program (800) 215-HELP (4357) [email protected]
Indiana Indiana State Medical Association Physician Assistance Program (317) 261-2060 [email protected]
Iowa Iowa Physician Health Program (515) 281-6006 [email protected]
Kansas Kansas Medical Society - Professionals' Health Program (800) 332-0156 [email protected]
Kentucky Kentucky Physicians Health Program (502) 425-7761 [email protected]
Louisiana Healthcare Professionals’ Foundation of Louisiana (225) 291-5000 [email protected]
Maryland Maryland Physician Health Program (410) 962-5580  [email protected]
Massachusetts Massachusetts Physician Health Services, Inc. (800) 322-2302, ext. 7404 [email protected]
Michigan Michigan Health Professional Recovery Program (800) 453-3784 [email protected]
Minnesota Minnesota Health Professionals Services Program (651) 642-0487 [email protected]
Mississippi Mississippi Physician Health Program (601) 420-0240  [email protected]
Missouri Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons Physician & Health Professional Wellness Program (573) 632-5562 [email protected]
Missouri Missouri Physicians Health Program (800) 958-7124 [email protected]
Montana Montana Professional Assistance Program, Inc. (406) 245-4300 [email protected]
New Hampshire New Hampshire Professionals Health Program (603) 491-5036 [email protected]
[email protected]
New Jersey Professional Assistance Program of New Jersey, Inc. (609) 919-1660 [email protected]
New Mexico The New Mexico Health Professional Wellness Program (505) 271-0800 [email protected]
New York New York Committee for Physician Health (518) 436-4723  [email protected]
Nevada Nevada Professionals Assistance Program (208)323-9555 (For emergencies call (208)949-0363) [email protected]
[email protected]
North Carolina  North Carolina Professionals Health Program (919) 870-4480  [email protected]
North Dakota North Dakota Professional Health Program (701) 751-5090  [email protected]
Ohio Ohio Physicians Health Program, Inc. (614) 841-9690 [email protected]
Oklahoma Oklahoma Health Professionals Program (405) 601-2536 [email protected]
Oregon Integrated Behavioral Health-Oregon (888) 802-2843 [email protected]
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Physicians' Health Program (717) 558-7819 [email protected]
Rhode Island Rhode Island Medical Society's Physician Health Program (401) 443-2383 [email protected]
South Carolina South Carolina Recovering Professional Program (803) 896-5711 [email protected]
Tennessee Tennessee Medical Foundation (615) 467-6411 [email protected]
Texas Texas Physician Health Program (512) 305-7462 [email protected]
Utah The Utah Recovery Assistance Program (801) 530-6225 [email protected]
Vermont Vermont Practitioner Health Program (802) 223-0400 [email protected]
Virginia Virginia Health Practitioners' Monitoring Program (804) 828-1551 [email protected]
Washington Washington Physicians Health Program 1 (800) 552-7236 [email protected]
West Virginia West Virginia Medical Professionals Health Program (304) 933-1030 [email protected]
Wyoming Wyoming Professional Assistance Program (307) 472-1222 [email protected]