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Clinical Director - Washington Physicians Health Program

Position Title: Clinical Director (Full-time)
Contact:  Shea Scheuler - [email protected]
Job Description:  Washington Physicians Health Program (WPHP) has an outstanding employment opportunity for a full-time Clinical Director in Seattle. This person would be supervising our team of Clinical Coordinators and an integral part of shaping the program’s future. This person will be licensed at the Masters level in a relevant mental health field and have extensive experience with co-occurring disorders.

Founded in 1986, WPHP is a small, independent, physician-lead, non-profit organization that advances patient safety by supporting the recovery of doctoral level health care providers in the State of Washington. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a professional team working in service to an important social mission. See for more information.

With a generous pay structure, an excellent benefits package and a wonderful team of coworkers, this position offers the complete package. Please send us your cover letter and resume to [email protected].

Program Director - Oklahoma Health Professionals

Position Title: Oklahoma Health Professionals Program Director (Contract Position)
Reports To: Oklahoma Health Professionals Program Board of Directors; Oklahoma State Medical Association Executive Director
Contact:   Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

Job Description/Major Responsibilities:  The Oklahoma Health Professionals Program (OHPP) is an outreach program designed to support and monitor medical and allied health professionals throughout Oklahoma who are experiencing difficulty with substance abuse, as well as disruptive and boundary issues. Specific duties of the Director include:

  1. Serving as the primary contact for referral of impaired physicians and other health care providers.
  2. Conduct assessments and interviews to determine if further evaluation and/or referral for treatment is advised.
  3. Administer the overall activities of OHPP emphasizing recovery, monitoring, education and training.
  4. In cooperation with staff personnel assigned to OHPP, implement activities as directed by the OHPP Board.
  5. Work with state licensure boards and other entities on matters dealing with impaired physicians, medical students, residents, physician assistants, dentists, psychologists and veterinarians.
  6. Remain apprised of all investigations, coordinating all interventions with impaired physicians, medical students, residents, physician assistants, dentists, psychologists and veterinarians and personally conduct investigations and interventions as appropriate. Monitor compliance with the assistance of the program manager and compliance coordinator.
  7. Coordinate and remain apprised of the evaluation and treatment of all OHPP participants.  The Director shall not be responsible for evaluation beyond the initial assessment or for administering treatment.
  8. Evaluate treatment sources on a continuing basis.
  9. Act as the chief liaison between the OHPP and relevant state agencies, licensing boards, medical schools and other programs and organizations addressing professional impairment.
  10. Prepare and present educational programs for public and professional groups. The OHPP Director shall seek and accept invitations, whenever possible, to address county medical societies, hospital medical staffs, allied health professionals and other appropriate audiences.
  11. Regularly report the activities, financial status and any suggestions concerning the OHPP to the OHPP Board.  These reports shall include overall evaluation of the Program and its activities, goals, objectives and budget.
  12. Assist the OHPP Board in preparing recommendations concerning the future structure and format of the Program and the position of the OHPP Director.
  13. Facilitate re-entry activity for all physicians, medical students, residents, physician assistants, dentists, psychologists and veterinarians post-treatment.
  14. Perform additional duties as assigned by the OHPP Board.

Education and Skills Required:

  1. Unrestricted Oklahoma allopathic or osteopathic physician or PhD psychologist license required.
  2. Professional or personal experience with substance abuse, addiction or recovery programs preferred.
  3. Must maintain professional and automobile liability insurance coverage.
  4. Strong organizational skills and the ability to work effectively in a multi-tasking, fast-paced and team-oriented environment.
  5. Ability to clearly and effectively communicate in a courteous and professional manner by email, telephone and in person with all participants, Board members and employees.
  6. Must be discreet and maintain confidential information.
  7. Attendance at licensing board meetings and evening meetings required.

Note: This is an independent contractor position. The Director is not eligible for health, retirement or other benefits.

Director, Physicians' Health Program - Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) 

Monday, 9/8/19
Position: Director, Physicians' Health Program 
Type: Full Time 
Location: 777 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Click here for more information and to apply.
Contact:  Heather Wilson, MSW, CRFE, CAE at [email protected] 

The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society is a nonprofit, tax-exempt public organization established in 1954 as the philanthropic affiliate of the Pennsylvania Medical Society. Its mission is to sustain the future of medicine in Pennsylvania by providing programs that support medical education, physician health, and excellence in practice. The purpose of the Physicians' Health Program (PHP) is to provide education and information about impairment issues, intervention, triage and referral, and monitored recovery to physicians, physician assistants, and dental professionals. The PHP handles a high volume of telephone calls and printed material which can take priority over the primary position responsibilities outlined here.

This position focuses on assuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the functions and resources of the PHP, and that all duties are completed in a timely manner.

Reports Directly To: Executive Director
Works With and Supervises:
Compliance Assistant, Physicians’ Health Program
Monitoring Assistant, Physicians’ Health Program
Case Managers, Physicians’ Health Program

Works With: 
Medical Directors, Physicians’ Health Program
Director, Finance
Director, Philanthropy
All other Foundation staff as needed

Qualifications (minimum criteria needed to hold this position):

Education: Bachelor’s degree required, Masters Degree preferred, additional certifications preferred (CADC, CAADC, MAC)
Experience (years in similar position): 5 to 7 Years in Similar Position
Other qualifications: This position requires the ability to assist with the development and improvement of current programs and to effectively guide PHP personnel. The ability to work with all kinds of people is essential to this position. Knowledge of addiction/12-step recovery is required. Personal computer skills and Microsoft Office Professional required. Interpersonal/human relations skills for supervisory and intra-office relations are needed. Also, this position requires extensive client contact. These contacts on a daily basis are, by their nature, difficult interactions. The ability to manage these contacts with equanimity is important.

Job Specifications (primary duties, in order of importance):

  1. Administers the overall function of the PHP to ensure the most effective utilization of personnel and job functions. Prepares and reviews budget and maintains spending limits as much as possible.
  2. Prepares detailed advocacy letters for the Medical Director’s signature on all program participants.
  3. Assists in receiving, follow-through and coordination of referrals of physicians to PHP. Works with the medical director and case managers to ensure that clinical assessment, treatment/rehabilitation and monitoring plans are appropriate, complete and carried out for each program participant.
  4. Communicates with treatment center personnel (marketers, counselors, therapists, etc.) to obtain status/progress reports on physician participants or to discuss any problems. Schedules staff discussions with treatment centers.
  5. Negotiates and processes contracts currently with the Commonwealth and with the PA Dental Association annually. Bills the Commonwealth monthly for monies due.
  6. Serves as the fund-raising liaison and assists in developing fund-raising letters to be sent to hospitals and other donors.
  7. Prepares agreements for new participants entering the PHP after reviewing their file material, discharge summary, and speaking with the PHP medical director.
  8. Supervises conferences every Tuesday and Thursday regarding new pending cases, participants in treatment, and concerns/questions regarding active participants.
  9. Oversees review process completed by Case Managers. Coordinate system of control dates for case review, keeping caseload up to date and ensuring PHP staff ability to respond to crises or requests.
  10. Receives telephone calls from participants and monitors regarding the participant’s compliance with PHP agreement. Discusses any problems/non-compliance/relapse concerns with medical director and case manager. Assures that reporting requirements, releases, and documentation is being handled appropriately.
  11. Supervises the coordination of the toxicology testing program for the PHP. Directs monitoring assistant in solving collection, dilute, and missed screen problems. Reviews new testing procedures with medical director.
  12. Prepares agenda for PHP Committee meetings; facilitates the meetings and direct follow-up work on action items resulting from meetings.
  13. Reviews and revises the PHP database to assure that it is continually updated and as efficient as possible. Works with outside programmer to achieve these changes, working within the budget allotted.
  14. Maintains PHP statistical reports and prepare summary reports for the medical director, PHP Committee and Foundation Board.
  15. Assists in determining PHP Update (PHP newsletter) content. Assists in the dissemination of PHP information, materials and hospital fund-raising letters.
  16. Obtains speakers for PHP presentation requests. Coordinate all CME activities for the PHP and The Foundation. Works with PAMED to get presentations approved for CME credits. Works with the PHP medical director to develop new presentations.
  17. Participates in team meetings and planning sessions to plan for program changes and future needs.
  18. Contributes to achieving the Foundation’s overall goals and objectives.


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