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Medical Director (Part-time) - Georgia Professional Health Program

February 2024
Position Title: Medical Director
Contact: Robin McCown 
[email protected]

Job Summary: The Medical Director (MD) oversees the intake and case management team and facilitates supervision of the GaPHP staff. The M.D. assists in identification, consultation and intervention when informed of a physician health issue. They oversee the administration of the overall activities of the Georgia PHP, emphasizing recovery, education, training, and fundraising in cooperation with staff personnel assigned to the GaPHP, and shall implement the activities of the GaPHP as directed by the GaPHP Board of Directors and in accord with the signed agreements with the Georgia Composite Medical Board.
Must be an addiction psychiatrist (may consider and addictionologist with strong experience working in physician health programs). 
Must live in GA and be licensed by the GCMB.

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Clinical Case Manager, Physician Health Program - Medical Society of the District of Columbia (MSDC)/Healthy Physician Foundation (HPF)

January 2024
Position Title: Clinical Case Manager
Contact: [email protected]

Job Summary: MSDC is seeking a contract Clinical Care Manager to manage its Physician Health Program. If you are a clinical social worker with experience working with physicians and/or addiction management, and you can work collaboratively to advance the mission of the program, we want to talk to you! The role of the Clinical Case Manager (CCM) is to provide the primary interface between the Program, its participants and their collateral treatment providers, as well as to provide case management services and documentation. That role is supported and advised by the Physician Health Committee (PHC), a voluntary board of local physicians dedicated to our mission statement. 

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Medical Director/Chief Executive Officer - Professionals Resource Network (Florida)

January 2024
Position Title: Medical Director/Chief Executive Officer
Contact: Tish Conwell, COO
Email: [email protected]

Job Summary: Professionals Resource Network, Inc. (“PRN”) is an operator of the State of Florida’s impaired practitioner program. PRN coordinates and manages the evaluation, referral to services, and monitoring of licensees and licensure applicants. The purpose of the program is to serve impaired and potentially impaired practitioners for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public, while also supporting the wellbeing of Florida’s healthcare professionals and harbor pilots. PRN does not provide direct patient care. There is no night or weekend call. This is a full-time on-site position.

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