Physician Suicide Prevention Resources

The Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) would like to share resources with you to help raise awareness for the prevention of physician suicide and to assist you with educational outreach. Taking proactive steps to identify and address physician distress can help to ensure the well-being of our colleagues and reduce the risk of suicide.

Understanding More About the Work of Physician Health Programs

  • The FSPHP operates according to four tenets.  First is the support for the early detection, evaluation, and treatment of impairing conditions. Second, it opposes discrimination based on a history of an impairing condition. Third, when applicable, it promotes the use of PHP services rather than disciplinary action. Last, it supports the maintenance of the confidential relationship between the PHP and its participants in order for a professional in need to “come forward without fear of punishment, disciplinary action, embarrassment, or professional isolation.”
  • PHP Participant Stories - Hear how PHPs have helped others in their recovery journey.  
  • State Program Videos - Watch videos produced by FSPHP State Member Physician Health Programs provide insight into how these programs work and how they impact the life and career of health professionals.
  • Contact a State Physician Health Program for guidance -

Integrating Confidential Mental Health Care to Support Physicians
This story explains how PHPs respond to the pressing need for support and care in a confidential manner.

Physician Suicide Prevention: Listening to the Voices of Experience  
A 2-hour complimentary virtual recording. This program is designed to share resources and support and recognize the importance of our ability to be there for each other. 

Healthcare Professionals' Mental Health Needs: Where Can They Go?
This is the second in a two-part series on rural physician and provider behavioral health. 

AMA STEPS Forward® Program - Practice innovation strategies: Physician burnout
Physician well-being is influenced by both organizational and individual factors. This collection of AMA STEPS Forward® Practice Innovation Strategies offers proven approaches on how to engage health system leadership, understanding physician burnout and how to address it, and developing a culture that supports physician well-being. 

Massachusetts Medical Society - Physician Suicide Awareness Resources 

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention for Healthcare Professional 
The FSPHP has partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to encourage the implementation of their Interactive Screening Program as a tool for Physician Health Programs.  5 State Physician Health Programs have implemented it.   Once implemented this tool helps reduce barriers to care and encourages individuals to seek mental health services. It provides anonymity to those who take the screening instrument and connects the person to personalized support for help-seeking from a counselor.  If you are interested in reaching out for 1 on 1 guidance on this tool, please contact Laura Hoffman [email protected], American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, Director, Interactive Screening Program T 212.363.3500, ext. 2011.   You can also learn more about this at the FSPHP 2024 Annual Education Conference.  

“Time to Talk About It: Physician Depression and Suicide”
Video/Discussion Session for Interns, Residents, and Fellows