FSPHP-ETA Subject Matter Expert (SME) Assessor Description and Qualifications

Description of a FSPHP-ETA SME Assessor:

One or more individuals, including at a minimum a healthcare professional who:

  • Has substantial clinical expertise in the field of physician health
  • Is preferably familiar with the operation of physician health evaluation or treatment centers

Qualifications of a FSPHP-ETA SME Assessor:

  • Work experience requirement for the healthcare professional on the SME assessment team: Clinical leadership position (e.g., a medical director, program director, clinical coordinator, or equivalent—but not including non-clinical leadership positions) in physician health, including but not limited to work experience at a treatment center, at a PHP, or as an evaluator for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Professional experience demonstrates commitment to advancing the mission of FSPHP and the field of physician health.
  • Commits to objective assessment of evaluation and treatment providers.
  • Prior experience serving as an assessor for an accreditation program is preferred but not required.

The FSPHP-ETA™ SME Assessor Recruitment Process is as follows:

  1. Submit an application. You will be prompted to upload the following information:
    • A brief bio (Word doc or PDF)
    • A comprehensive CV (Word doc or PDF)
    • References FSPHP staff will check before a selection decision is made
    • Documented evidence (public websites, news articles, publications, letters of recommendation, etc.) that demonstrate your commitment to advancing the mission of FSPHP and the field of physician health. Please compile all documents into one PDF or Word document, then upload the file where prompted on the application.
2. Submit a Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure (this will also be required before each ETA™ assessment).
3. Applicants will be notified.
4. Selected SME Assessors will be provided training remotely (no in-person training required at this time).