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May 7, 2024

Dr. Scott Hambleton and Dr. Lisa Merlo

Dr. Scott Hambleton and Ms. Kelley Long


Dr. Scott Hambleton & Ms. Amanda Kimmel accepting on behalf of Angela Graham, MPA

Angela Graham, MPA

Congratulations to the 2024 FSPHP Awards Recipients

FSPHP announced the recipients of the 2024 FSPHP Board of Directors Service Awards and the 2024 FSPHP Presidential 

Recognition Awards on April 17th during the FSPHP 2024 Annual Education Conference in Nashville, TN.  

FSPHP 2024 Presidential Recognition Award Recipients:

  • Angela Graham, MPA, former Donor Relations Manager, Colorado Physician Health Program
    For her work as the Chair of the Funding Development Committee
  • Kelley Long, MBA, Executive Director, Ohio Professionals Health Program
    For her work as the Chair of the Finance Committee
  • Lisa Merlo, PhD, MPE, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Florida; Director of Research, Professionals Resource Network, Inc.
    For her work in research in the field of physician health

FSPHP 2024 Board of Directors Service Award Recipients

  • Michael Baron, MD, MPH, DFASAM, Medical Director of the Tennessee Medical Foundation - Physician's Health Program
  • Chris Bundy, MD, MPH, FASAM, Executive Medical Director, Washington Physicians Health Program
    Immediate Past President
  • Scott Hambleton, MD, DFASAM, Chair, Mississippi Physician Health Committee
  • Mark Albanese, MD, Medical Director, Physicians Health Services - Massachusetts Medical Society
    Northeast Region Director
  • Paul Earley, MD, DFASAM, Medical Director, Georgia Professional Health Program, Inc.
    Southeast Region Director
  • Laura Moss, MD, Associate Medical Director, Washington Physicians Health Program
    Western Region Director
  • Richard Whitney, MD, DABAM, FASAM, Medical Director, Ohio Professionals Health Program
    Central Region Director 

FSPHP Awards Recognition Page


Submit Your Interest to Join a Committee by 5/13/24.

Join an FSPHP Committee or Task Force and support a cause you care about while enhancing your skills and gaining valuable experience.  Being part of a committee is an excellent steppingstone towards a future leadership role on the board of directors. Submit your interest by May 13th to ensure you are included in all future 2024 committee meetings.

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FSPHP Member E-Lists Refresher

The FSPHP E-lists are among the most highly valued and frequently utilized membership benefits. 

The FSPHP-ALL-MEMBERS E-list is available to all FSPHP members, and the STATE-PHP-MEMBERS E-list is available to State-Voting, Associate, International and Honorary members.

Please remember these helpful tips when using the FSPHP E-lists:

  • Include your name, organization, and email address on every post.
  • The subject line should clearly reference the content of the message.  
  • When you reply to an E-list message you are replying to the ENTIRE E-list group, not just the sender.
  • E-list messages are not to be forwarded externally, without expressed permission from the FSPHP 
    member, to respect the privacy and trust of the members’ posts.

Please review these helpful E-list documents:

E-list Instructions
E-list Guidelines  

Access to the FSPHP E-Lists and the related documents is restricted to the appropriate FSPHP member categories and log-in to the Member Portal is required. 


Unlock the Benefits of the FSPHP Member Policy Library - Tap into this Essential Resource!

The FSPHP Member Policy Library is an online resource where PHP members can access, download, and share PHP program policies.  
The policies are catalogued into the following 7 categories:
•    Entire PHP Policy Manual
•    Administrative Policies
•    Appendices
•    Psychiatric Conditions
•    Services Provided by PHPs
•    SUDs Policies
•    Other

Visit the Member Policy Library

Access to the FSPHP Member Policy Library is restricted to FSPHP PHP members in good standing and log-in to the Member Portal is required. 


New Jobs Added in April & May!

Looking for your next opportunity?  Be sure to visit the FSPHP Job Board to see new jobs postings including: 

  • Case Manager, Florida Professionals Resource Network, Inc.
  • Intake Case Manager, Florida Professionals Resource Network, Inc.
  • Clinical Case Manager, Physician Health Program - Medical Society of the District of Columbia

If you are an FSPHP member and you would like to submit a job, please email the complete job description including organization, job title and contact information to Sandra Savage [email protected].

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Coming Up! 

Annual Member Business Meeting
May 8 at 2:00pm - 4:00pm EDT
(Open to State Voting, Associate, International & Honorary members)

ARC, PEER, ETA & Presidents Meeting 
May 9 at 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT 

Task Force to Support Safe Haven
May 17 at 12:30pm - 1:30pm EDT 

Visit the FSPHP Calendar for a full list of upcoming meetings and events!

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