FSPHP Guidelines


FSPHP Research Guidelines for Investigators

These guidelines were developed by the FSPHP to help investigators interested in working with Physician Health Programs (PHPs) or with data enerated by PHPs, in order to inform prospective investigators, standardize procedures, and facilitate research collaboration. The guidelines are meant to promote and facilitate research excellence in the field of physician health. 
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2019 FSPHP Physician Health Program Guidelines

The Federation of State Physician Health Program Guidelines have been designed by FSPHP members with subject matter expertise to assist State Physician Health Programs (PHPs) with achieving accountability, consistency and excellence.  An earlier version of these Guidelines was developed and accepted by the Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) in 2005. The new 2019 FSPHP PHPs Guidelines  expand upon the original Guidelines, reflecting developments in the science, practice, and scope of PHP services over the past decade. Many PHPs assist healthcare professionals in addition to physicians, such as dentists, nurses, veterinarians, and/or pharmacists. The use of the Guidelines for other professionals is left to the discretion of the individual PHP.