How PHP Participants can get involved

Physician Health Program participants are invited to volunteer for this study, which consists of 2 separate arms. PHP participants are essential to this study because you are unique with regard to the type of treatment and long-term disease monitoring that is available to you.  

Enrollment is currently open for the online addiction phenotype characterization arm of the study. Those who are eligible may also be invited to participate in the in-person imaging arm of the study in Baltimore. NIDA will cover travel expenses.

Those who may be eligible for the study are: 

  • healthcare professionals enrolled in a PHP or equivalent
  • diagnosed with a severe substance use disorder
  • 21 years or older

To volunteer as a study participant or learn more: contact Betty Jo Salmeron, M.D. at [email protected] (preferred) or 443-740-2651.

It is important that you direct all interest, and inquiries to Dr. Salmeron, and not your PHP.

This is for two important reasons:

  • Your decision to participate is completely voluntary and is not to be influenced by your participation in a PHP.
  • It is important for you to hear of the details of the study directly from the researchers.

More information about the two study arms:

Participation is completely voluntary, not part of PHP participation or treatment and does not provide any direct benefit. Your participation in this study will not affect your treatment or status in the PHP in any way, positively or negatively.